Woah. Swagbucks underwent some major changes overnight. Instead of increments of 1, 2, 3, etc., they are now in multiples of ten, which is sweet, I guess. All of the prize prices went up too, to match the multiple of tens ... i.e. B&N giftcard is 1250 instead of 125.

Most of you are probably asking, WTH is Swagbucks?? It's a search and earn website. You randomly earn Swagbucks by doing searches and can redeem them for various prizes. They also randomly put out codes for SB by email, in their blog, on the toolbar & on the widget. They also have hunts for SB, where they give you clues and if you find it w/i a certain amount of time, you get 3 SB, then the SB amount decreases as they put out more hints.

They have a toolbar with a search engine built in, so I rarely use the address bar to get to a website. I always just search for what I need.  Sometime the search results are weird ... i.e. I search for google and it comes up with everything google (image, docs, maps, etc) but not google.com. So then I'll just type in the website, because I didn't earn any SB.  Fridays are Mega Swagbuck days, though I don't think I've gotten anything higher that 5.

Frugal Blogger Couponers United puts out an email if there is a new code to enter with the expiration time, which is awesome! If you want to received the emails, I think all you need to do is send her a quick email asking to be put on her SB mailing list.

So far, I've gotten $15 in my paypal account, which is SWEET! $15 dollar for searching the internet which was then sent to Jess for the Train tickets ;) I currently have 1690 SB & am trying to decide if I want to get a higher balance or get a $10 B&N giftcard.

What are you waiting for? Go sign-up now!! :)



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